The winter testing goes on for Euroformula Open teams


Several tracks in the Iberian Peninsula are hosting Euroformula Open tests carried out by its teams. They are testing some novelties such as the new paddle-shift

Traditionally, December is always a month of intense activity for those outfits taking part in the Euroformula Open and this winter is not an exception. Emilio de Villota Motorsport, Campos Racing, DAV Racing, Team West-Tec, Corbetta Competizioni and RP Motorsport are travelling through much of the Iberian tracks in Spain and Portugal.

Estoril a track returning to the series in 2015 – after absence of eight years, in the era of Spanish F.3 series-, was visited by RP Motorsport and Campos Racing, and they both were able to discover the uniqueness of the Portuguese layout. On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week no less than four teams, Emilio de Villota Motorsport, DAV Racing, Campos Racing and RP Motorsport tested at the Circuito de Jerez, in Southern Spain. At the same time two other teams, Team West-Tec and Corbetta Competizioni, paid a visit to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the season finale each year.

Finally this week five teams – Corbetta Competizioni, Campos Racing, DAV Racing, RP Motorsport and Emilio de Villota Motorsport- have completed another two-day test on Monday and Tuesday, meanwhile Team West-Tec went south and tested in Valencia.

It is important to mention that the new paddle-shift to be introduced in 2015 was tested by the teams and its development will continue in the coming weeks.