Toño Fernández, a former F3 Open driver, passes away


The young Spanish ace, who was 21 years-old, died yesterday due to a traffic accident

Spain´s driver Toño Fernández da Silva passed away last Saturday after an unfortunately road accident, happened during the early morning in León. The accident was also fatal for another friend travelling with Toño in the same car. The new have shocked everyone in the European F3 Open, a championship where he clichéd important achievements.

After debuting in the Spanish Formula 3 championship in 2008, a season when he was able to finish on podium twice in the Copa driving for Tec-Auto, he debuted in the European F3 Open one year later. Already driving for Hache Team, a team with a close and almost familiar relationship with him, he finished on the first overall podium that year, and in addition Asturia´s driver was 2nd in the Copa at the end of the season. 2009 would prove to be the prologue for his strong 2010 campaign, 5th overall and winning one race and ending up on podium no less than four times.

Toño had another impressive start in 2011, winning race two in Valencia during the opening round of the F3 Open. Unfortunately for the Cangas-born driver some health problems forced to retire shortly after. He couldn´t continue his promising racing career, a racing career not very long but good enough to exhibit his talent. Always a combative and fast driver at the wheel of every car, he will remain in our memories.

“We´re deeply saddened by the passing of Toño. We will remember his smile and friendliness while racing forever. He is going to remain in our hearts, as one of the most talented drivers participating in the F3 Open ever. We want to express family and friends our condolences”, Jesús Pareja, CEO of GT Sport, said.

Deeply affected by such sad new, everyone at GT Sport shares the pain with their grieving families.