A small talk with Kevin Giovesi


The Italian driver clinched the title in the Copa driving a DAV Racing´s Dallara F308 at Monza, the penultimate round of the 2012 season

Kevin Giovesi, 18 years of age and born in Italy, made his debut this season in the European F3 Open, and since the very first race he did put himself as a contender for the title in the Copa. He drove a Dallara F308 lined-up by DAV Racing, also debuting in the championship, and took the crown at Monza, when there were still two races remaining in Barcelona.

Congratulations for the title in the Copa, how was your season?

This season has gone very well since the first race because we won both races in the Copa. From then on I knew this one was the right season for me.

Which moments over the course of the season were the best ones?

The best moment was definitely winning the championship at my home event in Italy where all my friends and sponsors attended... it was a big satisfaction.

And which ones were less positive?

There were no negative weekends because I was able at least once every meeting.... Maybe the most negative thing was to retire three times because I tried pushing myself beyond my limit.

How was to work with DAV Racing?

Working with DAV Racing was great, because they supported all the season long. Both Fabio Segalini and I put together a very competitive car race by race.

How do you rate the championship?

The championship is a very nice one because it is perfectly organized and the venues are held in F1 tracks, which is worth for the future.

What are your racing prospects for 2013?

My plans for 2013 are focused on participating in the GP2 series if I can find the required budget. If it isn´t possible I will try other different categories.